Cookbook Review: Roz Purcell’s Half Hour Hero

In last week’s post I touched on the topic of anxiety and how I have learned to manage mine. One major anxiety suppressant for me is cooking. I absolutely love food and everything to do with it and, over the years, have come to favour healthy alternatives in cooking and baking. I spend a lot on my time on social media scrolling through blog posts and recipes by health food figures such as Deliciously Ella, The Happy Pear, Madeleine Shaw and, my personal favourite, Roz Purcell (Up Munster!!!).

Having been a huge fan of her blog (Natural Born Feeder) and first book I was particularly looking forward to the release of Roz’s newest book; Half Hour Hero. So you can only imagine my delight when I woke up last Thursday to see that the book had downloaded onto my phone (I forgot that I had pre-ordered the book on iBooks when it was first announced).


The USP of this book is that it offers healthy recipes with minimal ingredients which can be prepared in under 30 minutes. The book offers recipes for all sorts of dietary requirements as Roz chooses to follow an unrestrictive diet. Roz has centred the recipes around 20 ‘Hero Foods’ which readers stated were regularly stocked in their households. This is a major advantage as you don’t need to go on a shopping spree every time you choose to make something from the book.

Since downloading the book, I have spent the last 7 days putting it to the test. On release day I chose to make the Banana Bread Porridge which was divine. There were a lot of different textures to the dish as well as a mix of spices which fully satisfied my huge appetite. The following day I prepared the Post-Workout Omelette following a tough gym session. I struggled to keep myself from eating the dish straight from the pan as the smell was unbelievable and I can say the same for the taste.

In terms of main meals there is a huge array of options with meat and fish recipes as well as vegan and vegetarian options. One of my personal favourites is the Teriyaki Chicken Zoodles which substitutes pasta with spiralised courgette. While you can prepare the dish with any sauce I would highly recommend Rozanna’s teriyaki recipe. I also loved the Sweet Potato Sliders as an alternative to having bread every day. I prepared two savoury sliders and one sweet to have as my dessert after lunch. I’m excited to try out more of the lunch and dinner recipes from the book in the coming weeks.


When it comes to snacks and desserts Roz has you sorted. You may have seen her on last Friday’s episode of The Late Late Show where she demonstrated how easy it is to prepare her Peanut Butter Brownies. Although Ryan managed to mess up the recipes, we were assured that this was down to a ‘fault’ with Ryan’s oven (in other words he can’t cook to save his life).  I tried out Roz’s Peanut Butter + Raspberry Scones as well as the Chocolate Digestives. My attempts at both even got the stamp of approval from Roz herself as she gave the pictures a share on her Instagram!


My overall opinion is that this book is a must have for anybody who’s looking to lead a healthier lifestyle. The recipes in the book are suitable for meal prep so you can prepare your meals for the week in under an hour including the time it takes to separate the food into containers. The recipes are easy to follow and do not call for a huge amount of ingredients which helps to keep costs low. It is very easy to adapt the recipes to any dietary requirements and you can be sure that they will always taste incredible.

For the sake of spending €19.99, you really can’t go wrong. Thanks for the food Roz!

Until next time,


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