Product Review: Dream Dots for Spots

As promised, I am back with another skincare post and this time it’s a review of a product that I’ve been using for quite some time now.


Dream Dots for Spots are an Irish product that help to treat spots overnight. Their primary marketing claim is that the product works rapidly to heal any blemishes that pop up. Dream dots are little circular patches which are placed over a spot. The patches are transparent yet still hide the redness of the blemish, so they can be worn during the day if you are looking to get rid of a spot by the evening. The packaging states that they create a moist healing environment without drying the area out. It also states that the patch will reduce redness, swelling and pain.

When I first purchased the product I was surprised by how easy they are to apply to the affected area. You simply cleanse and dry your skin, peel the backing off the product and place over the blemish. The patch sticks very well to the skin and there is no fear of it peeling off while you are sleeping. You will know that the patch is doing its job when the middle of it starts to turn white as it draws out the infection. The patch works very quickly to reduce any pain caused by the spot.


Upon waking the next morning, you simply remove the patch by slowly peeling it off. It is not painful to remove as the patch hydrates your skin. You will notice that the patch will be white and sticky as it has drawn out the infection. Depending on the severity of the spot, you may have to use another patch to complete the healing process. If it was only a minor blemish the redness will have faded dramatically and the whitehead will be gone.

Dream Dots for Spots is the perfect product if you have an event coming up and need to get rid of a blemish quickly. They are also brilliant to use if you have a spot that is causing a lot of pain. I wouldn’t recommend this product to somebody that has severe acne and has many blemishes on their face as the pack only contains 24 patches.

I have been using Dream Dots a lot quite recently as I have been experiencing breakouts due to hormonal changes. I’ve also found them brilliant to wear at the gym as it is an environment that is riddled in bacteria and the patch protects my blemishes from getting worse.

I would rate this product 9/10 and would recommend them to anybody who has problematic skin. You can purchase Dream Dots for Spots in most pharmacies around Ireland as well as on their website where they can be delivered worldwide!

Until next time,


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