TOP 5: Tips for a Healthier Christmas

With less than two weeks to go, preparations are well underway for Christmas Day. Christmas is not only the most family oriented day of the year, but it is also highly food and alcohol oriented. We all seem to be ingesting something on the day from the morning right through to when we are heading to bed.


As much as I love indulging in all of my favourite festive foods, I find that I tend to overdo it and end up feeling ill by nightfall. With that being said I’m still not willing to give up any of my favourite Christmas traditions. I will however try to make the day a little healthier by following these five simple tips:


  1. Eat a decent breakfast

Most families tend to eat a fry up on Christmas morning and you don’t necessarily need to avoid the bacon to start to the day right. Rather than frying your food you should put your sausages, bacon and pudding under the grill to avoid adding excess saturated fat to your plate. If you want to be healthier you can swap out the meat for some good quality smoked salmon.

You should also try to switch your fried eggs for poached or boiled. As well as that eating brown bread instead of white will make a huge difference in aiding your digestion. This will also keep you feeling satisfied for an extra few hours.

If you are vegetarian or vegan there are plenty of healthy pancake or porridge recipes available on sites such as and


  1. Pace Yourself

Another popular Christmas tradition amongst households is having bucks fizz or wine with your breakfast. There is no need to forego the alcohol just as long as you keep track of the amount that you are consuming throughout the day. Have one glass with your breakfast, another with your dinner and a few more as the evening goes on. Take small sips rather than large gulps to make your glass last a bit longer and stop drinking when you feel that you’ve had enough. Try to avoid mixing drinks as you are more likely to have a hangover the following day is you do so.

  1. Avoid Unnecessary Snacking

If you’re breakfast wasn’t enough to keep you full then you should have a snack to stop you from overeating at your next meal. While you don’t have to completely avoid eating chocolates and crisps you should keep in mind that these foods don’t have any nutritional benefits strong enough to satiate your appetite. Try having a piece of fruit or some vegetables dipped in hummus alongside a small treat in between meals.

  1. Listen to Your Body

Your body gives you hunger signals for a reason. You shouldn’t continue to eat if you feel that your stomach is full as this will cause you to feel unwell as well as causing digestive distress. If you are planning on having a dessert try to keep this in mind as you are eating your dinner to ensure you leave enough space in your stomach to accommodate the extra food. For starters stick to something light like soup or a healthy salad. For teg main course fill your dinner plate with a suitable amount of food and make sure that half of your plate is taken up with vegetables. Leave enough time in between courses to allow your food to digest. Don’t eat dessert until a few hours after your as you’ll feel uncomfortable if you eat too much in the one sitting.


  1. Get Active

Just because it’s Christmas it doesn’t mean that you have to spend the day by the fire watching movies. If the weather is nice you can take a walk after dinner with your family. This will help you to digest your food and if you pick up the pace you can burn off a few of the extra calories that you’ve consumed. If you have pets it’s important to let them get some fresh air so this is the perfect excuse to get your family moving.



And there you have it. Now you have no excuse to complain about feeling ill after overdoing it on the food front. If you have any other tips or healthy Christmas traditions I’d love for you to share them with me on Facebook, Instagram or you can reach me at . I hope that you all have a fantastic Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

Until next time,




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