I’m Healthy, Not Perfect!

One thing I hear a lot of people saying is that those who choose to exercise and eat healthily have ‘notions’ or are full of themselves. It’s commonly thought that leading a healthy lifestyle is done in order to look a certain way. As someone who is a member of the health and wellness community I am bombarded with comments and questions about why I go to the gym or why I eat a lot of fruit and vegetables.

“Why would you go to the gym if you’re trying to gain weight?”

“Cooking takes a lot of effort. Would you not just get food from the chipper?”

People assume that I don’t enjoy eating veg or working out. I don’t believe that leading a certain type of lifestyle determines a level of perfection. In fact, I don’t believe that anybody can be perfect as we all have ‘flaws’. I do what I do because I love health and wellness and the way it makes me feel both physically and mentally. I love to fill my body with nutrient dense foods. I love to lift weights and see myself grow stronger. I love to read cookbooks and nutrition textbooks.


There are so many benefits to being fit and healthy, but it doesn’t fix every problem

I don’t have perfect skin. I still struggle with acne and have developed psoriasis. These are both determined by genetics and hormones and nothing I do is going to change that.

I don’t have a chiseled body. Yes, I go to the gym and I eat healthily but that doesn’t mean that I don’t have fat on my body or have a flat stomach. I, like everybody else, sometimes overeat. I love to bake and experiment with different recipes and I love to eat the batter.

I’m not extremely fit. I may go to the gym and go for walks but I can very easily run out of energy if I go for a jog or try to lift heavier weights than usual.

I get ill too. Eating healthy doesn’t mean that I have an invincible immune system. I can catch a cold just as easily as everybody else.

I’m not always in a good mood. Exercising regularly releases serotonin which helps to improve your mood, but I get cranky if I’m tired or get low if things don’t go as planned.

I’m not perfect!

So if you’re thinking of leading a healthy lifestyle to gain perfection then think again. You should do it because you want to improve your health but not because you want to be perceived in a different way.

Until next time,


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