Venetia Falconer: Talking Tastebuds and Veganism


Venetia Falconer is a British TV presenter, producer and writer who you may recognise from 4Music and MTV. She is also a Youtuber, Blogger, Tastemaker and hosts her own podcast, Talking Tastebuds, where she interviews celebrities and health influencers such as Laura Whitmore and Ella Mills aka Deliciously Ella about all things food and health.

Venetia grew up eating a standard British diet and was well acquainted with lunchboxes filled with Dairylea dunkers, penguin bars and a sandwich. She was always an animal lover and decided in her early twenties that she wanted to eat a vegan diet. She is passionate about food and healthy living and shares this in her Youtube vlogs and Instagram posts.

  • You are becoming a major figure in the online health community. What first sparked your interest in leading a healthy lifestyle?

    Wow, thank you! I really like the feeling of being well-rested yet also full of energy. I think what we eat, how we move, talking and communicating (not on social media but to real people, in real life) and meditation are pivotal to that.



  • You have interviewed a variety of people on your podcast Talking Tastebuds. Who did you find to have the most interesting interview?
    Definitely an upcoming episode with Dr Giles Yeo. He’s a leading geneticist who specialises in obesity, a professor at Cambridge University and BBC and Channel 4 health documentary presenter. He is so knowledgeable and intelligent, but breaks things down in such a way that even those of us who didn’t excel at science (like me) can understand.


  • It is known that you eat a vegan diet. Did you find your transition to this diet difficult?
    I did it over a period of 5 months, so I actually found it quite easy, as my body had lots of time to adjust. I absolutely loved the process because I really enjoy cooking. It felt as though I had discovered a whole new world which was so exciting. The hardest part was telling my friends and family, but fortunately I’ve managed to find myself with a pretty awesome tribe, who are very open-minded.


  • If you could only eat one breakfast for the rest of your life what would it be?
    This is easy and will never change. Porridge. However, it’s form changes frequently. Currently it’s my sweet miso porridge with vanilla, cinnamon, berries, yoghurt, almond butter and maple syrup.


  • You appear to lead a very active life. What is your favorite way to get active?
    I have quite a few favourite ways as I like mixing it up. I love a really powerful yet restorative yoga class, walking in the countryside or by the sea, running when I have a great DJ mix or podcast to listen to, boxing or weights when I need a stress reliever and, maybe most of all, dancing to brilliant music, surrounded by my friends.

    image1 (1).jpeg

  • What five things do you always make sure to keep stocked in your kitchen?
    Kitchen essentials! Oats, baby spinach, frozen berries, ripe bananas and plant milk.


  • You are obviously a very busy person. What is your top tip for somebody to stay healthy when on the go?
    Start your day with a big glass of warm water and continue drinking as much water as you can throughout the day. And make time to meditate first thing. Even if it’s for 5 minutes. It will mean a busy day feels less taxing on the mind.

  • What’s your usual coffee order?
    An oat milk flat white.


  • What is your favorite alternative to a non-vegan food that you love?
    Picky Wops Pizza!


  • What do you cook for dinner if you have had a long day?
    A heap of hummus on toast topped with sauteed mushrooms and spinach in garlic and olive oil, topped with plenty of fresh lemon, fresh parsley, salt and pepper.


  • What is your top piece of advice for somebody who is looking to lead a healthier lifestyle?
  • Cook from scratch as much as you can
  • Stay off your social media as much as possible
  • Be kind to yourself


You can find Venetia on Youtube, Instagram @venetiafalconer, Tastemade and on her website . You can find her podcast on iTunes by searching Talking Tastebuds! (I highly recommend giving it a listen !!)

Until Next Time,

Lauren x



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