The Little Green Spoon: From Business to Baking and Plant Based Eating

Indy Power is an Irish food blogger who runs the popular online recipe website, The Little Green Spoon which you may have seen mentioned in my Winter favourites post. She has featured in countless newspapers and magazines as well as releasing a highly successful cookbook. She originally studied business in Trinity and set up her blog during her studies.


Indy’s philosophy is all about making healthy eating easy and accessible for everybody. She has a very balanced approach to food and has created many recipes for healthy alternatives to your favourite foods. She has collaborated with Tesco on a number of recipes also. Just one look at her blog will have you motivated to eat a healthy diet. I had the chance to interview Indy and she was more than willing to answer my questions on all things health and wellness. I hope you enjoy!

  • You graduated from Trinity with a business degree. How did you go from business to working in the health industry?

I started my blog while I was in college. I was cooking loads and had become really interested in nutrition, which was influencing the ingredients I was using. I was coming up with loads of my own recipes so my family suggested I started a blog. When I graduated, I went on to study nutrition and health coaching at the IINH. At first the blog was just a hobby, but the more I loved it the more time I put into it.  I started writing my book as soon as I left Trinity, I was really lucky with the timing of everything.

  • You have published a very successful cookbook The Little Green Spoon. What are your favorite cookbooks to use? 

I grew up cooking with Jamie and Nigella’s books so those will always be favourites. I love the first Honey & Co. book and Diana Henry’s books, Simple is so gorgeous.


  • You have been called “Ireland’s answer to Deliciously Ella”. Do you have any plans to bring out your range of snacks/food products as Ella has? 

It’s incredible what Ella has done, and so quickly- it’s amazing to watch her company grow. I don’t have immediate plans to bring out product, but it’s something I would love to do. I’ve always dreamed of opening my own place so hopefully that will be first.

  • If you were out and about and felt hungry what snack would you be likely to buy from the supermarket?

Probably some nuts (cashews are my favourite) and some dark chocolate. Hummus is great too when you’re stuck and there are some really nice ones you can buy now- The Happy Pear hummus is the one I go for if I’m not making my own.


  • You often post Instagram stories whilst you are heading to a workout. What is your favorite way to workout?

I workout with a personal trainer 3 times a week and then if I can, I try to do yoga one of the other days. I like to keep my workouts short and always changing, which is why I love working with a trainer. We do mostly weights and body weight exercises with a bit of HIIT. I have to do it first thing in the morning or I always flake!


  • What are the 5 ingredients that you always have in your kitchen? 
  1. Nuts– they’re so delicious and versatile. I use lots of ground almonds in baking, nut milk instead of cow’s milk, cashew cream instead of yoghurt, the list goes on. I couldn’t live without them!
  2. Oats– porridge is one of my favourite comfort foods and I love oat flour and oat milk too.
  3. Coconut– oil, milk, cream, yoghurt. I love the taste of coconut and it’s amazing in all it’s different forms. It’s such a great ingredient for anyone who doesn’t eat dairy and I love that it’s so readily available now.
  4. Miso– I make this amazing sauce with miso, tamari, vinegar, loads of garlic and sesame and I put it on everything. It’s an amazing marinade or dipping sauce so it’s always in my fridge.
  5. Garlic– I put garlic in pretty much everything (savoury!). I couldn’t even count how many cloves I go through a week!


  • What is a typical day in your diet like? 

For breakfast I usually have a porridge or a big smoothie- I like to add in loads of good stuff like nut butter, cacao nibs, plant based protein, cacao powder etc.


Lunch and dinner vary a lot day to day. I’m testing recipes all the time so it’s whatever I’m trying out that day- in winter it’s lots of curries and stews, in summer it’s a couple different salads, dips, grilled veg etc.


I snack a lot on roasted nuts and energy balls (my cookie dough balls are my go to) and I love dark chocolate.


  • You have a huge amount of recipes on your website as well as your book. What are some of your favorite recipes that you’ve created? 

At the moment I love the vegan bolognese recipe on my website- I make it all the time. My favourite dessert is the almond butter swirl brownies from my book, and I love the vegan chili in there too.


  • You eat both plant based meals and meat/fish containing meals. Do you buy certain types of animal products eg. grass fed/ organic/ free-range etc.?

For the last 7 or 8 months I haven’t eaten meat, dairy or eggs- it’s a combination of health, environmental and moral reasons that influenced the change but I’m really loving it. I eat a mostly plant based diet but I have fish a few times a week. I try to shop local and organic ingredients as much as possible and I’m trying to make a big effort to reduce the amount of plastic I’m buying – it’s crazy how much unnecessary packaging is used so loose fruit and veg is something I always look out for.


  • What is your top piece of advice for somebody looking to lead a healthier lifestyle? 

Listen to your body. Health is so personal and well-being is different for each person. Take the time to figure out what works for you and experiment. It’s so worth it, your body will tell you what’s working and what isn’t, you just have to be listening. Just eat to feel good!

You can find Indy on Instagram @thelittlegreenspoon , on Facebook, on Twitter @littlegspoon and on her website  She is well worth following although I must warn you that you’ll be hungry every time you see her posts. I’d like to thank Indy for taking time out of her busy schedule to answer these questions and for being so lovely.


Until next week,

Lauren x

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