Dealing with Weight Gain

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I was looking at a magazine stand the other day and I quickly realised how much emphasis is put on weight loss and diets on the front covers. ‘Lose 10lb in 10 days’, ‘Get Bikini Body Ready’ and ‘Get Skinny this Summer’ were just a few of the headings printed in bold.

Society has become so obsessed with losing weight that the thought of even gaining a pound has people shaking in fear. Proclaiming that you are happy with your body leads to judgemental glares and god forbid we say that we’re not on a diet.

People who would like to gain weight or those advised by a doctor to increase their BMI often fail to do so in fear of being judged by others. If somebody has noticeably gained weight they will be the subject of rude comments or people assuming they’ve gone off the rails and turned to eating takeaway seven days a week.


While some people purposely gain weight there are others that unintentionally do so . This can be down to accidentally over-eating, stress, illness, hectic schedule etc. It can be extremely difficult for these people accept this and it often leads to self judgement and embarrassment.

Gaining weight is very mentally demanding as it involves ignoring others opinions and feeling uncomfortable in certain situations. I have gone through this myself recently and I have only now just come to terms with my change in dress size. Here are my top tips for dealing with weight gain.

  1. Ask yourself why you’ve gained the weight: Did you mean to do so? Did you not realise that you were gaining weight until it had become noticeable? You must choose whether you are comfortable to keep the weight on or whether you would like to lose a little. I would advise speaking with a doctor to make sure it is safe to do so. 
  2. Throw away your old clothes: One of the most upsetting aspects of gaining weight is that your favourite clothes will no longer fit you. Go through your wardrobe and pass the items that are too small on to friend and family or bring them to a charity shop.
  3. Accept yourself for how you are: This is one of the most difficult things to do due to the prominence of diet culture. Rather than looking in the mirror and looking at the things you don’t like, look and choose the features that you love the most.
  4. Go on an unfollowing spree: Look through your social media and unfollow all of the people who make you feel bad about yourself. Whether it’s a model, a personal trainer or your cousin, if they make you self-conscious they’ve got to go. 
  5. Follow Body Positive People: There are so many amazing people who share their journey to body positivity and help others to love themselves for the way they are! Some of my favourite instagram accounts are: @tallyrye, @victorianiamh, @bodyposipanda, @betterbeingsteph, @zannavandijk, @rhitrition, @melaniemurphy, @hannahwitton 
  6. Treat yourself: Put aside some money every week until you’ve got enough to go on a shopping spree. Sometimes all you need is a bit of retail therapy and a few new wardrobe staples. 
  7. Be confident: Confidence is a brilliant trait to have. One of my favourite quotes is “Act confident and no-one will question you”. Just remember to be confident and not cocky! 

Until next time,

Lauren x


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