My Top 10 Favourite Recipes

Although I love to cook and create new recipes, I also love flicking through cookbooks or scrolling through blogs and cooking other people’s creations. I am constantly getting messages from people looking for the recipes that I love most, probably because I post countless photos of them on Instagram. 

I’ve decided to make a list of my all time favourite recipes that I keep on coming back to when all else fails. One thing I’ll say is that it certainly wasn’t easy comprising my list down to just 10 but I think that this is the perfect amount for you to make in the space of a week or two. In no particular order….

  • Roz Purcell’s Miso, Mushroom and Chickpea Soup

I’ve never really been a huge fan of mushroom soup but this recipe has certainly changed my mind. It’s one of the easiest soup recipes I’ve ever followed and takes less than 20 minutes to make. This one has also been a huge hit with family. The recipe can be found in Roz’s latest book Half Hour Hero


Image from @lovedbylaurenhealth on Instagram

  • Indy Power’s Vegan Oat Pancakes

I discovered this recipe earlier this year on Pancake Tuesday and I’ve gotta say, They are probably the tastiest pancakes I’ve ever had. Not only are they super fluffy, they are also super easy to make. I’ve tried other pancake recipe since but nothing compares to Indy’s pancakes! Here’s the link for the recipe! 


Image from @lovedbylaurenhealth on Instagram

  • Hazel Wallace’s Spicy Sweet Potato and Peanut Butter Soup

This recipe combines two of my favourite things: sweet potato and nut butter!! I’m a huge nut butter addict so I’m always looking for ways to sneak it into my lunch and dinner as well as my porridge. The peanut butter balances out sweet and spicy flavours in the soup and makes it extra creamy. This is the ultimate comfort food for those days that you need a little tlc. The recipe can be found in Hazel’s new book The Food Medic For Life


Image from @thefoodmedic on Instagram

  • Venetia Falconer’s Sweet Miso and Vanilla Porridge

Okay I honestly thought that Venetia was gone mad when she posted a pic of this recipe on her Instagram. Never in a million years would I have thought to add a spoon of sweet miso (Don’t be fooled by the name! This stuff’s salty) to a vanilla laced porridge but alas I found myself doing that days later. This is one of the most unique tasting breakfasts I’ve had but I’m obsessed. The miso adds an amazing umami touch to the porridge. You can see Venetia making the porridge in this video.


Image from @venetiafalconer on Instagram

  • The Happy Pear’s Creamy Tomato Soup

Okay, so we all know that I love the Happy Pear so it should be no surprise to find one of their recipes here. This is a recipe that I have made at least twice a week for the past two months and I don’t think things will be changing anytime soon. This is a fuss-free recipe that can be altered with whichever ingredients you like. I’ve put my own spin on this soup and I just can’t get enough of it. The recipe if from the boys’ book Recipes For Happiness.


Image from @lovedbylaurenhealth on Instagram

  • Roz Purcell’s Blackbean Burgers

I whipped these up many times this summer! They are so hearty and filling (although if you’re like me you’ll overdo it on portion sizes). They go great in a wholemeal roll or the Bfree sweet potato wraps with some hummus and avocado but my absolute favourite way to eat them is in a lettuce bun with homemade sweet potato wedges and veggies. Delish! The recipes is on her website Natural Born Feeder.


Image from @lovedbylaurenhealth on Instagram

  • Madeleine Shaw’s Jammy Biscuits

Jammy Dodgers were one of my absolute favourite biscuits to dunk into tea when I was younger and I wasn’t too impressed to find out how much sugar is in them. You couldn’t imagine my excitement when I found this recipe on Madeleine’s website. If your partially to a biscuit or two with your cuppa you’ve gotta check these out. Here’s the recipe.


Image from @lovedbylaurenhealth on Instagram

  • Ella Mills’ Sweet Potato Brownies

I couldn’t make a post about my favourite recipes without including these brownies! I first purchased Ella’s book years ago when I began to gain an interest in health and I hadn’t even heard of a sweet potato before! This recipe is perfect for anybody who is still slightly cautious about eating plant based as it is the most indulgent tasting treat you could possibly imagine. I am absolutely OBSESSED with these brownies. The recipe is in her book ‘Deliciously Ella’ or on her website.


Image from @lovedbylaurenhealth on Instagram

  • Roz Purcell’s Chocolate Peanut Porridge

Yes this is another one of Roz’s recipes but I can’t help it! Her recipes are too delicious!! She posted this recipe on her instagram a few days ago and I was quick to make it. Here peanut sauce goes perfectly with Form Nutrition protein powder. Who doesn’t want chocolate and peanut butter for breakfast?!?!


  • Rhiannon Lambert’s Tofu and Chips

Last but certainly not least is definitely this recipe from Rhiannon’s book ‘Re-Nourish’. I hated fish growing up except for fish fingers. They were one of my favourite things to have for dinner and as a child who hated McDonald’s, I always ordered fish fingers there because I knew that they were the safest option for my tastebuds. Now that I’ve significantly reduced my animal product consumption I’m loving her Tofu fingers and chips!!


Image from @rhitrition on Instagram


Let me know what your favourite recipes are in the comments or on Instagram! I’m always looking for tasty food recipes to try out!

Until next time,

Lauren x


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