Laura Young: Veganism, Detox Teas and Loving Yourself

Laura Young, also known as Laura’s Views, is a Youtuber and Online Personality based in Dublin, Ireland. Her content is based around her interests in beauty, travel, lifestyle and more. She is well known for her witty comments and honest reviews on beauty products. Brands are sometimes reluctant to send Laura their products as they know that she will always give a brutally honest opinion.


People love to watch Laura because she is completely real and it’s so refreshing to see an ordinary girl in the midst of all the filtered content online. I first came across Laura a few years back when she started posting about her choice to go vegan but I soon fell in love with all aspects of her. It is because of her honestly that people trust her enough to even go out and buy the hoover the she recommends (you’ll know if you watch her instagram stories).


I was delighted to get the chance to ask Laura a few questions about health and wellbeing as she has previously spoken about her opinions on topics such as fad diets and exercising for aesthetic purposes. You can find Laura on instagram @lauras_views, on Youtube as Laurasviews and Twitter @Lauras_Views 

This interview is witty, honest and just what you need to change your attitude towards healthy living.

  • 1.You have posted content in relation to food and fitness for a few years now. What first sparked your interest in food and fitness?  
Honestly, I’ve always been a foodie, ever since I was a kid. My metabolism took a bit of a hit in late 2014, I found myself off work for three months and comfort ate a lot of junk food. My weight shot up to around 13.5 stone. I was uncomfortable in my body and needed to change so in April 2015 I stood in front of my mirror and made a promise to myself to make myself feel better.
I embarked on a weight loss journey, or what I thought was a “health” journey at the time *eyeroll*. I cut my calories to 1200 a day, hired a PT, trained 5-6 days a week. It was fairly tragic. So that’s how I first acquired an interest in food and fitness. Not ideal. But I’ve done a full 180 since then, thank goodness!
  • 2. You have been vegan for around three years now. What initially led to your choice to go vegan and did you do it cold-turkey? 
Yes three years next week is my veganiversary actually! So my little brother had gone vegan a couple of years before me, and I was constantly taunting him, saying the exact things that people say now to me. Behind my teasing though I was secretly curious. I knew of the documentary Earthlings, and I sat down one evening to watch it. Deep down I just knew it was going to change my stance on food forever. And I was right.
The moment I finished the documentary and stopped crying, the decision was made and I have never looked back. Incidentally, I ate vegan junk for about 3 weeks after that and started to get mouth ulcers so I made the smart decision then to maybe do a little research into a healthier plant-based diet. 
  • 3. I remember watching your videos when you ate a ‘High Carb Low Fat’ vegan diet. In what ways has your eating evolved from when you first went vegan?

Oh feck, that’s a while back now. Yeah the high carb low fat phase. I was following the trend on YouTube, blindly. The people who promoted it really shunned fats, salt and processed foods. It’s actually crazy, I could sit and eat ten potatoes no problem but I never felt quite satisfied. Now I eat way more fat, it’s definitely still what one would class as a high-carb diet, but I’m not afraid of whole plant fats; nuts, seeds, avocado, coconut, etc. I don’t really eat oil though. I just don’t feel good when I do.
  • 4. The content you have been sharing recently about your new approach to food and exercise is so refreshing and honest. Could you explain this approach and why you are less aesthetically driven than others? 
Thank you so much! Aesthetics f*cked me up for long enough, and I can only assume do the same to so many other women (and men). I’m so sick of us being rated by our bodies.
It all came to a head for me when the penny dropped; we are only alive for a tiny second, why would you spend any portion of your life worrying about what someone might think of your wobbly belly or cellulite or jiggly arms. LIFE IS TOO SHORT. It’s also too short to have shitty food, to be miserable in a gym, etc.
A few months ago I was seeking some direction on diet/training, for purely health reasons. I want to be the absolute healthiest I can possibly be, I guess don’t we all deep down? I was looking to work with someone that wasn’t macro-focused, a realist, with an extensive knowledge on nutrition and health. I had been following Robyn Taaffe (@RobynsHealth on Instagram) for a while and unbeknownst to her I was watching (like the level ten creep that I am) to see if she had the knowledge I sought. I took a chance and hired her to coach me eight weeks ago. I haven’t looked back.
I feel absolutely brilliant and I look great if I do say so myself. I never once asked her about weight/fat loss, I’ve never eaten more food in my life and somehow my body is changing. She’s a sorceress! (This sounds very ad-y, it’s absolutely not, I am a paying client).
  • 5. Have you ever tried any fad diets? What is your view on products such as skinny teas and appetite suppressant lollipops?
Oh girrrrrl! Have I what?! I tried that Bootea Skinny Tea years ago, I’ve a YouTube video on my experience. Long story short I woke up to the sh*ts every morning and guess what! I lost ten pounds. Magic, right? These companies/fad diets prey on us, use our insecurities against us. And I hate them for it. HATE. Motherf*ckers.
  • 6. What five ingredients do you always have to have in your kitchen? 
Oh this question got me excited! OK… some sort of bean/lentil/tofu (I know that’s three but I’d only need one of them!), potatoes, bananas (duh), broccoli, aaaaand nutritional yeast! (Same Laura..same). That was actually a boring answer wasn’t it? If I get a bonus, I’d also take avocado OR tahini. 😊
  • 7. What does a typical day of eating look like for you? 
I’m hesitant to say this but I usually have two very large meals a day, and a snack or two. I’m just such a lazy b*tch, the less preparing/cooking I have to do the better.
Breakfast could be a huge fruit smoothie with some green powder thrown in for hashtag HEALTH, or a quinoa bowl (I love porridge but it does not love me so I use quinoa instead) topped with nuts, seeds, fruit, etc, OR scrambled tofu with veggies if I fancy something savoury. Dinner is usually a curry/chilli/soup with spuds or rice, crammed full of veg. If I fancy a lighter dinner I’ll opt for a monstrous salad with beans, rice/quinoa, tofu, vegetables, avocado. If I fancy dessert, it’ll be fruit or vegan chocolate chunks mixed with Alpro yogurt. Or if I fancy durrrrrt, vegan ice cream. BALANCE! OK now I’m hungry thanks a bunch Lauren!
  • 8. You recently had BioKinesiology testing done for health purposes. How was your experience and did you find it helpful?
I was so hesitant to talk about this, because it IS an alternative therapy. It isn’t recognised by western medicine. (But if you think about it, acupuncture wasn’t either until recently!) A work colleague was telling me about her (very positive) experience and my first thought was “yeah right Anna, woo-woo or what!” but she had planted a seed!
I was experiencing some digestive issues, I had a feeling about what foods were disagreeing with me but wanted to test the biokinesiology theory so I booked in with Elaine from K Therapy Ireland. I can’t explain it but the minute she put the wheat vile on my body I went as weak as a kitten. I am a cynical person, I promise. But this blew my mind and gave me a really good insight into what my body needs/wants/likes/hates. I found it so helpful. 
Food int.jpg
  • 9. What steps do you take to look after your mental health? Do you find it hard having such a big following to stay positive 24/7 online?
I don’t talk about this much online but I make a point to mediate every single day. Some days I could do two half hour meditations, some days I only manage to squeeze in one 5-7 minute meditation. But it has made the biggest difference to my life. I could go on forever on the topic and my experience with it. But basically, meditation. A life changer. With regard to my following, I wouldn’t call it “big” by today’s standards, but I am so proud of what I have achieved. It was never my intention to become an “influencer”, feck sake when I started my social media back in 2013 it was purely an outlet for fun. I think I do a decent job at portraying my life as it truly is; sometimes random, other times quite boring.
Last week I posted a big long story about my new hoover. Doesn’t get more dull than that! I don’t think I depict that I have a “perfect” life at all. I’ve always been told that I have no filter; I think and speak, there is nothing in-between. My mother has tried over the years to squash this feature of mine but I think that’s become one of my strongest assets now on my social media. I think it, I post it. Zero f*cks given.
  • 10. What advice can you give to those looking to lead a healthier lifestyle? 

Think of the bigger picture; without getting too deep, life is so short, it’s WAY too short to worry about what other people think of you, your body, your personality, etc.
I also think loving yourself is crucial; loving yourself enough to feed yourself good food, to move your body because you LOVE it, not because you hate it or want to change it, to know when to sit and take some time for self-care, to go out and enjoy your life. Because you only get one life, one body, one chance.
Spend as much of this short life doing the things you love as you can. Woah. That got deep/corny but it’s the truth.

I hope this interview inspired some of you to take a different approach to health and fitness. Maybe even some of you will watch Earthlings and decide to try veganism. I’d like to thank Laura again for being so lovely as to answer these questions. I’m sure this won’t be the last time you hear from Laura on my platforms.
Until next time
Lauren x

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