Holly White: Why We Should Go Vegan-ish

Holly White is a broadcaster, journalist, actress, food blogger and now author of her new cookbook Vegan-ish: A Gentle Introduction to a Plant-Based Diet. 

Holly adopted a plant-based diet four years ago and hasn’t looked back. She had come across the lifestyle a number of times and after watching documentaries such as Earthlings, Cowspiracy and Forks Over Knives she decided that she no longer wanted to  use or consume animal products.

Veganish,+Holly+White.jpegVegan-ish: A Gentle Introduction to a Plant-Based Diet by Holly White is published by Gill Books, priced €22.99

Holly’s book is full of incredible recipes such as Sheperdless Pie, Potato and Onion Gratin, Pecan Brownies and Eton Mess; all of which will have you going back for seconds.Holly has become certified in plant-based nutrition and you can certainly tell as all of the recipes are well balanced and utterly delicious. I highly urge you to purchase the book and you can thank me later.

You can find Holly on her website, on Instagram @hollywhite.ie , Twitter @hollywhite_ie ,Facebook and Youtube. I hope you enjoy this interview!

  • You have become a major influencer in the health and wellness community. What first sparked your interest in leading a healthy lifestyle?

I’ve been interested in wellness since I first read Louise Hay’s book ‘You Can Heal Your Life’ when I was 15. Over the years I became a huge reader and gradually I started making changes in my diet and then lifestyle. It’s been a long and slow process but I think through my instagram, site and now cookbook now I have created a little community and I love sharing and hearing my followers tips and ideas. 

Filler - Holly (1)

  • What has your experience of being vegan been like? Did you ever struggle in your transition?

Going vegan is one of the single best decisions I have ever made in my life. I feel physically, mentally and emotionally so much better than I did in my twenties before I transitioned. The only thing I struggle with is occasionally eating while travelling as planes and trains don’t generally have suitable options. 

  • How do you combat the pressure to look a certain way in the media and online? 

I never edit myself in any way. Naturally I might take a few photos and try to stand in a flattering angle but I think what people like about personal bloggers is the connection they have to them and their life and editing it creates a false reality. I try not to compare myself to other people and also detach from it all by switching my phone off at night and I don’t turn it on for the first hour of the morning.  

Filler - Holly - Copy

  •  Is exercise an important part of your daily life?

Two of the most important things for me are sleep and getting some sort of movement into my day. I work from home and the temptation to stay put can be strong when I am close to a deadline. Forcing myself to turn off my phone and be in bed at 10 has made getting up for yoga at 6.30 much easier. I generally go 4 mornings a week and always feel so much better for it. 

  • What are the top 5 ingredients that you always keep stocked in your kitchen? 

Almonds, Tofu, Rice, Miso paste and apple cider vinegar

Anything goes crackers

  • Your book is full of incredible recipes. Which is your favourite and why?

I love the smoothies and the desserts. The smoothies are quick and easy and the desserts – especially the salted caramel and the raspberry and lemon cheesecake come out on top for me. I used to be obsessed with cheesecake but felt bloated and full after eating it – with both of those recipes you get that amazing creamy texture but without any dairy and I feel so much better eating them but still satisfied. 

Pecan brownies with cashew icing

  • If you could only eat one breakfast for the rest of your life what would it be? 

Tofu scramble, Tamari mushrooms and guacamole. I love vegan savoury options and you don’t see them nearly enough! Thankfully they’re easy to make. The breakfast chapter in the book is quite extensive

Lemony Mac & cheese with cherry tomatoes and crispy tofu

  • You appear to have a very busy schedule. How do you stay healthy whilst on the go? 

I work for myself so I am able to somewhat control my diary. I also think no one will ever care as much about your business as you and to be honest I feel so lucky and grateful to get to enjoy my work that that seems to unleash extra energy to keep pushing forward or get back up if things didn’t go how I had hoped. I also bring snacks and food with me and if I feel frazzled I have a meditation app called Calm which is brilliant to plug into for a few minutes to reset. 

Filler - Holly with The creamiest hot chocolate (2)

  • What would you cook for dinner after a long day of work? 

I try to always have things to assemble a quick dinner pre-prepared in the fridge such as roasted veggies or the one-pot ratatouille and beetroot hummus and some quinoa in my fridge. 

Roasted vegetable buddha bowl

  • What are your top tips for those who are looking to lead a healthier lifestyle? 

The most important thing is to get educated and as empowered as possible. Read as much as you can, watch documentaries and listen to podcasts – there is so much inspiration freely available now as well as easy cost effective recipes online.

I think something that puts people off is worrying about the cost of expensive coaching and ingredients – but one thing about eating vegan is it’s very reasonable. Pulses, seeds and rice can be bulk purchased and I stick to seasonal fruit and vegetables which are usually on offer. 

I would like to thank Holly for taking the time to answer my questions. Make sure you check out Holly’s website and social media platforms as well as her book.

Until next time,

Lauren x

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