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Hello! I’m Lauren, a health and wellness blogger from County Kerry, Ireland.

Growing up I was always slightly overweight. I was an active child and played in the local basketball club and school team. I ate a typical diet of cereal for breakfast, a sandwhich for lunch and meat, potato and two veg for dinner. I became very self concious of my body when as I slowly began to gain weight. I couldn’t understand why the same thing wasn’t happening to my friends. I began yo-yo dieting from the age of 11 but never managed to lose any weight.

Fast forward a few years I sixteen year of age. I realised that the only way I could lose weight was to eat a healthy diet and to start exercising. I started seeing results after a few months and managed to reach a healthy weight.

When I was seventeen I had to have my appendix removed and after three weeks had not yet recovered. I lost over 20lb in the space of a month and was suffered from terrible digestion issues. I developed IBS and the list of foods I could eat became very limited. I continued to lose weight until I hit under 100lbs. I turned to nutrition and exercise as a way to help me to regain weight and strength and to get some energy.

After a year of eating whole foods I began to feel much better and I then turned to weight lifting to gain some muscle mass and increase my weight further. I fell in love with the gym and decided to study Personal Training.

I have found a passion for nutrition and fitness and and continuously doing research to expand my knowledge. I have managed to control my IBS by turning to a plant based diet and have never felt better. My goal is to help others who are struggling with diet and exercise.

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  1. Aileen mccarthy says:

    Go Lauren! Well done you! My late dad, who died in 2010 from meningitis, trained or served his time to be a carpenter under A man from glenbeigh called paddy teahan in the 1940’s; his granddaughter is Erika fox retro flame; she is doing so well now so you go girl! Best of luck and always remember Lauren, to thine old self be true; Aileen McCarthy

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